Monday, January 11, 2010

Player of the Day: Ryan Miller

So I've decided that I'm going to highlight players that have the possibility of putting on a great performance for Team USA and Team Canada in the upcoming Olympics. I'm also going to highlight some of their cards that could gain in value depending on their performance.

Today's player of the day is Ryan Miller, the Buffalo Sabres goalie and future Olympic goalie for Team USA. Lately, he's been one of the best players on the Sabres. Ryan was born in East Lansing, Michigan and attended college at Michigan State University, where he won the Hobby Baker Award and was named the CCHA's (Central Collegiate Hockey Association) goalie of the year for the 3 years that he attended MSU.

On another note, Ryan and his father, Dean, started the Steadfast Foundation. The foundation supports cancer patients and their families.

2008-09 The Cup #9 - Ryan Miller/249 - Courtesy of

2009-10 Upper Deck Draft Day Gems #GEM12 - Ryan Miller - Courtesy of

2006-07 UD Powerplay Goal Robbers #GR3 - Ryan Miller - Courtesy of

2007-08 Ultra Difference Makers #DM1 - Ryan Miller - Courtesy of

2009-10 Victory #22 @

2009-10 Upper Deck, #9 @

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