Saturday, January 9, 2010

09-10 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Box Break

I picked up a box of 09-10 Upper Deck Series 1 on eBay, since I really wanted to bust some of these packs. Again, me and the fiance opened it, and as usual she got the majority of the hits-including all 6 young guns that come in each box. Here is a little bit of the inserts and subsets we pulled, as well as a link to the card on

Face of the Franchise-Alexander Ovechkin (pictured) and Carey Price. The cards themselves are kind of plain, but it gives you a chance to see the players faces and a pretty good shot of some of the goalie helmets.

Hockey Heros-Martin Brodeur #HH18 (pictured) and #HH14. Again I like the litograph-esq cards. It is a pretty good homage to Brodeur's career, but the smile on his face makes me think he's enamouored with a pair of tits and can't stop stareing. The other cards in the set are kind of plain, just like the Crosby Hockey Heros Upper Deck did last year.

Young Gun-Peter Regin.

Young Gun-Christian Hanson.

We also pulled Dmitry Kulikov, Ivan Vishnevskiy, Riku Helenius, and Jason Demers. Overall, I like the design of the cards. Still some pretty decent pictures of the players featured on the cards despite the limited amount of time that they've played in the NHL.

Game Jersey-Marian Hossa and a 2 color swatch from Oilers center, Marc-Antoine Pouliot (pictured). Fairly simple design. Picture of the player, a pieces of jersey that may or may not be game worn, and a color scheme that dosen't match the team's colors.

All World Team-Ilya Kovalchuk (pictured) and Martin Brodeur. Decent looking cards, but I would've expected a design like this in the late 90s.

Top Gun-Zach Parise (pictured) and Thomas Vanek. I really, really, really like the look of these cards. There is a lot going on with the design, but it all funnels your attention back to the center of the card to focus on the player.

Draft Day Gem-Henrik Zetterberg. Decent design, but what I really like about this set is that it gives a little bit of insight on the player and how the drafting team found him.

Season Highlight-Evgeni Malkin. Any time that a player is featured in a locker-room celebration with a trophy, it turns out to be a cool card. This one goes beyond that and tells why "Geno" was the recipient of that trophy.

So there you have it. All the insert and subset hits from a box break of Upper Deck Series 1 hockey. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, as much as we enjoyed breaking it. As always, be sure to check out my listings on and Thanks for reading.

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