Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eastern Conference Finals Preview

I never thought Washington and Pittsburgh would not be in the conference finals. I don't think anyone except the Montreal and Philadelphia fans thought their teams would be here either. Both teams that are still around have been playing some great hockey. Links will take you to cards that are for sale at I'm also offering free shipping on all orders of $5.00 or more during the month of May.

Philly's unbelievable comeback against Boston and winning four straight games is remarkable. Danny Brier, Simon Gagne, Hartnell and Richards have been rolling. Chris Pronger has showed us why he's one of the NHL's leading defensemen. The revolving door in net hasn't slowed the Flyers down either. Leighton and Boucher have played awesome when called upon and have each stolen games for the Flyers.

Montreal has done the unbelievable by eliminating the best team in the NHL's regular season when they dispatched of Washington, and then dealt the death blow to the NHL's reigning Stanley Cup Champions in Pittsburgh. Inspired offense from Gionta, Gomez and Cammalleri have made that happen. Obvious solid and steady defense from Spacek and the huge Hal Gill. Halak is still on fire and skillfully playing above and beyond what a lot of people thought he could.

I will predict a winner for this series: Montreal. They have the fire power, grit, determination, and belief that they can win.

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